Hat Yai in Thailand: Home of Multiple Jobs

Hat Yai is the largest city of Songkhla Province in southern Thailand near the Malaysian border. Songkhla, the largest metropolitan area in the south, is the largest metropolitan area of the country. Songkhla, being the center of administration and culture, and due to large size, is sometimes misconstrued as the provincial capital.

สมัครงานหาดใหญ่Hat Yai in Thailand

Hat Yai is the main business center of Songkhla. Hat Yai is a crowded due to its large population and good opportunities to work here. The population is a proportion of Malay-Muslim and Thai Chinese citizens. The main campus of the oldest and largest Prince of Songkhla University is also very near to Hat Yai downtown. Many famous public and private high schools of Thailand, including the country’s top ten schools are situated on this location. Hatyaiwittayalai School and Hatyaiwittayalaisomboonkulkanya School are well-known public schools in this area. The popular private schools such as Saengthong Vitthaya School, Thidanukhro School and PSU Wittayanusorn School are situated in greater hat Yai area.

Job opportunities in Hat Yai

The discussion in the previous paragraph depicts that Hat Yai is the best place to live in Thailand, and the level of education and job/ business opportunities in Hat Yai area are also good. It won’t be hard to get a job in this area. You can find many job agencies in and around hat Yai because this a good business to do in the area which is a center of both education and business. People can find good and multiple job openings in this area.

สมัครงานหาดใหญ่Getting job in Hat Yai

สมัครงานหาดใหญ่ can be submitted with a local agency or a job-seeker can also register himself or herself on an online job portal. This place also offers direct interaction and personal interview with multiple businesses for employment. This improves the chance of getting early employment. Hat Yai is thus, a good place to get job.

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